Premier's Address

Premier’s Address 

  • Starting Friday June 12th all childcare centres in Ontario will be allowed to reopen with restrictions, as part of Stage 2. 
    • There will be limits on total capacity. 
    • Cleaning and disinfecting measures will be in place. 
  • Summer day camps will also be allowed to open with restrictions as part of Stage 2. 
  • Penalties by $1000 a day per child for health and safety infractions to be laid by MOL if centres are not following health, safety and sanitation measures. 
  • If parents do not want to put their children back into care, they will not lose their spot, and not incur any fees. 
  • First preference of spots to go to frontline workers. 

Prime Minister’s Address

  • Federal Government now has a small business financial hotline to connect small business owners with accountants and business advisors at 1-866-989-1080.
  • Anticipated changes coming to CERB to make it more flexible (be able to earn some income above $1,000 without CERB coming off fully).