Government Update

Here is yesterday’s Government Update

Premier’s Address

  • A framework was developed and endorsed by the Ontario government, trustees’ associations, and almost all of the provincial union representatives that will allow the temporary voluntary redeployment of education sector employees, while ensuring they maintain their employment status with their school boards.
  • Starting later this week, subject to a local agreement of the framework, eligible education sector staff who volunteer will be able to register through an online portal and to be matched with congregate settings that are facing staffing shortages. Positions available may include custodial, maintenance, food preparation, children and youth service workers, social workers, and educational assistants. Training and appropriate safety equipment will be provided to redeployed staff. Volunteers who are redeployed will be eligible for Ontario’s temporary pandemic premium and emergency child care.

Premier’s Q&A

Q: When can we enter stage 1 of the reopening framework? The Chief Medical Officer said yesterday that we were not quite there yet. 

A: The framework is just a guideline, but it gives people time to prepare. We will always listen to the advice of the health table. 

Q: Do you have firm dates for reopening?

A: We are working with our health table to make the safest decisions for Ontarians. Both Cabinet and the Command Table is involved. 

Q: The TTC is facing a $500 million revenue drop by Labour and will not be able to continue operations by then. The feds say this is provincial jurisdiction. 

A: I will mention this to Minister Clark, but we need the federal government’s help on this. I will raise it on my calls with the DPM and the other Premiers. 

Health Minister Christine Elliott

Q: Why has it taken so long for the government to adopt a measure that allows the province to take control of LTC homes?

A: This is for when there are homes that are resisting outside help. There are not many of these, but we need to have that ability. 

Q: The order allows for the government to place a LTC centre into control of any individual or corporation, does this mean you are privatizing LTC even more?

A: No, we anticipate that this will mean LTC centres will be placed under the control of local hospitals. 

Q: When will more random and widespread testing occur after LTC are all tested?

A: We expect LTC testing to be done by this weekend. We will be rolling out a plan for random testing. 

Education Minister Stephen Lecce

Q: Does today’s announcement mean that school will not be coming back until September?

A: It means we are providing more support and leveraging the strength and dedication of our education workers. 

Prime Ministers Update 

  • Canada/US border to likely be closed until June 21.
  • The federal government has reduced the wait times to 10 days or less for people who have come to Canada under a temporary foreign-worker program or international-mobility program to be issued a work permit for a new employer.